Puyallup, WA

About Our Chapter

Our program meets once per week for 24 weeks from September to May.  The school year is divided into 6-week quarters and provides time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays.

Catholic Schoolhouse students are divided into three age groups: grammar, dialectic and scholars.  All students study the same topics but older students delve deeper into the material.  The Tour Guide presents weekly learning in 10 areas: history timeline, geography, history, religion, music, art, science, math, language arts, and Latin.

Having all scholars use the Tour Guide’s content facilitates family cohesiveness and simplifies lessons for home educators.  At the dinner table, an 8th grader, 5th grader, and 2nd grader can all talk about physics, history, and art. The 8th grader will be able to go more in-depth into subjects than the younger siblings, but all children will be able to talk about the interesting things they are learning.

In addition to the memory work class time, the grammar students have a science lab, an art class and opportunities to give presentations to a friendly audience.

Our dialectic scholars alternate weeks of a 1-hour science experiment and a 1-hour art class. Dialectic scholars read, have Socratic style discussions, and write about one book per quarter.  They also learn writing techniques and styles using the IEW program.

Scholars learn about 5 key events in history each week. Each card has a picture representing an event, and the back has several paragraphs for deeper learning for older scholars.

Catholic Schoolhouse is more than a day out of the house; it can help bring structure and cohesiveness to your entire homeschool experience and will bless your family!